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The Company

Ladies of Elegance Salon & Spa and Lady Elegance Product line are family-owned companies that take a personal commitment in "Helping Women - Enhance Themselves with Simple Elegance!"

Our goal: To dispel the myth of "good or bad hair." Instead we administer individual consultations, to evaluate client's texture, curl or wave pattern and any genetic or scalp disorders. Next, we implement the clients' best Hair Care Maintenance Plan, designed to maximize hair growth. We feel that you should not have to sacrifice healthy hair to have fabulous style; We give you both!

Ladies of Elegance Salon has developed a specialization with the Tree Braid Technique that offers our Santee Collection Hair, Precision Cut & Style and Lady Elegance Products for maintenance. Tree Braids are a fabulous option for a Variety of Women, who often leave our salon in amazement regarding their results. "The Joy received from helping a women feel good about herself makes our service, one of love."

We also have a team of talented stylists ready to administer the latest in cuts, colors, relaxers, sew-in's, micro's, two-strand twists, locs, and personalized hair replacement techniques. Come by and try a lace front, human or synthetic wig.

Our most popular spa service is "Threading." Threading is a hair removal technique that has superior results.